Best Halloween Colored Contact Lenses for 2021

Best contact lenses are easy to purchase but do you know anything about the Halloween Colored Contact Lenses? Some of them are daily contact lenses which provide user different colors to choose from. 

Halloween Contact Lenses are the latest eye accessories to bring back your October fantasy into life.

These colored contact lenses are available in many colors which make you look like a zombie, vampire, and werewolves.

In this platform, you will find the guaranteed and safer contact lenses for Halloween that are FDA approved.

You will find contact lenses online in our category are some with Prism Ballast Technology, this tech is for people who are going through the Astigmatism (sort of blurry vision).

These contact lenses are best in fit and can be turned into a cat or reptile style. 

With the creepy colored contact lenses for Halloween, you could also buy a different range of costumes that suits the Zombie style.

There is a chance you could remind people of the Dawn of the Dead movies by showing off your creepy set of Halloween contact lenses.

It’s not hard with this lens to convince your friends that you have been infected by a T-Virus. 

These are cheap contact lenses for Halloween we are talking about which compliment your costume to enhance the ambiance of your Halloween themed event.

But it’s not just about Zombies, you could find the Halloween contact lenses in any color, and for any costume! 

Top 10 Halloween Contact Lenses

1) Red Twilight Volturi Colored Contact Lenses

non prescription colored contact lenses

They are daily contact lenses, inspired by Charlie Sheen’s character “The Volturi” in the movie twilight saga.

It gives you the look of blood-thirsty vampires as depicted in the movies and is the perfect Halloween contact lenses.

The twilight contact lenses are the type of most common colored lenses that are used to create the majority of vampire costumes.

You can also rely on these lenses to turn you into Dracula or anyone from the twilight cast. These lenses can also be used to create the zombie costume and thrilling Halloween creatures. 

Red Twilight Volturi Colored Contact Lenses can be used a single time only that will help you win the best Halloween Costume price at any dress party. 


  • Do not cause impairment in vision
  • For cosmetics purpose only
  • 55% of water
  • Lasts for a day only once opened
  • Packed in the Sterile and Buffered Isotonic Saline Solution
  • Made in the UK

2) Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

daily contact lense

Another best daily contact lenses for turning into any freaky creature. Remember the big-eye look in a movie Grudge?

Well, these mini sclera contact lenses provide the blanked out appearance and more coverage than the regular colored contact lenses.

You can wear the Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses for any costume party or Cosplay, the lens can be used for one time only though.

For someone looking for short term contact lenses, black contact lenses like Mino Sclera is what you want. 


  • Additional coverage to iris and sclera
  • 55% of water
  • Lasts for 1 day only
  • Cause slight impairment in vision
  • Kept in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline

3) White Angelic Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

cheap contact lenses

Need anything to be the angel sent from above? The Angelic Halloween Contact Lenses are what you want.

These discount contact lenses offer your Halloween costume the perfect depth and definition of angels.

This will chillax you as the lenses are FDA approved for its feature of enhanced color pigmentations that gives a cosplay unique but noticeable finish in the eye. 

It’s always easy to try these contact lenses in a virtual mirror. Angelic contacts are specially designed so wherever you are buying it from making sure it’s up to the mark. 


  • 38% of water
  • Sold as a pair
  • For the cosmetic purpose only
  • Lasts for 90 days after being opened
  • Kept in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline

4) Yellow Avatar Colored Contact Lenses

contact lenses for sale

Wanna be a jack sully for Navi people? Here is an idea of how to turn yourself into the finest costume for Halloween, the Avatar contacts are the best choice.

They have a diameter of 14mm which for individuals seeking yellow colored contacts will be highly impressed.

They are soft and comfortable with easy fit to the eyes, they are also daily costume lenses with a light yellow finish and dark yellow limbal ring.

When you have decided to work on Avatar theme this Halloween, the Yellow Avatar Daily Contact Lenses are the best choice 


  • Sold as pair
  • Fully vision remains 
  • Covers the iris and pupil
  • 45% of water
  • Contained in Buffered Saline Solution

5) Green Witches Eye Colored Contact Lenses

best daily contact lenses

Introducing Green Witches Eye Colored Contact Lenses in daily which are SFX contacts with solid green iris color.

To create a spooky costume, this can work any time of the day or night making your witch costume move to the creative directions.

When you are dressed as a witch, these Green Witches Eye Colored Contact Lenses provide the best finishing touch to the costume. 

For someone declaring to be a mermaid on this Halloween, make sure you get these Halloween contact lenses


  • Cosmetics purpose only
  • 55% of water
  • Do not impair vision
  • Last for 1 day
  • Made in the UK
  • Kept in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline Solution

6) Gold Vampire Colored Contact Lenses

SpookyEyes Color Contacts

Easy, fine-looking and non-prescription colored contact lenses get you closest to become Edward Cullen! 

These lenses feature the multidimensional Golden finish that brings a kinky difference to their Vampire Halloween Costume.

You don’t need to care for them a lot a the Gold Vampire Colored Contacts are the commitment-free way to enjoy the Halloween party without getting conscious about your costume. 

You can pair the Gold Vampire Colored Contact lenses with some freak looking fangs or lashing or white face powder or you can even use the splash of fake blood to create exaggerated effects. 


  • Do not impair vision
  • Cosmetic purpose only
  • Available as a pair
  • 38% of water
  • Packed in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline
  • Made in the UK

7) Gray Undead Colored Contact Lenses

Noticed the most authentic zombie movies use the Gray Zombie Contact lenses for the ultimate show? 

To create a zombie costume, you need the Halloween contact lenses first. And when you get the lenses featuring block gray color pigment, this is where you know you’ve found the best disposable colored eye shades.

You can use the gray undead colored contact lenses as they are CE marked and FDA approved. 


  • Non-prescription colored contact lenses
  • Sold as pair
  • 45% of water
  • Vision remains the same
  • Designed to cover Pupil, the lens also covers the iris
  • Kept in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline Solution

8) Blue Crystal Colored Contact Lenses

Crystal blue contacts are used to enhance a person’s stare and fill it with vibrance. When you cannot decide which Halloween colored contact lenses are the best to wear, Blue Crystal Contacts is the versatile choice.

You will notice it has a translucent blue and natural brown finish, for colored contacts these are some good color coverage that allows you to show off the natural iris in altered colors. 

Your eyes don’t have to be perfect or in good style for this lens to look good as they always look good, even in the dark eyes. 


  • Vision remains safe
  • Sold as pair
  • Cover iris and pupil, color shows on pupil only
  • 45% of water
  • Kept in Buffered Saline Solution

9) Orange Crazy Frog Colored Contact Lenses

Are Halloween contact lenses safe?

To gain the attention of your Animo-magnetism, these colored contacts are best for any animal themed Halloween party and lets you become the Craziest frog in the chamber.

These are the animal contact lenses that create a style to your eyes that gives vertical split pupil design that is quite astonishing. 

There is a bright orange pigment in the Crazy Frog Contacts which means only one thing; it is great even for the darker eyes. The CE Marked and FDA approved contact lenses are feasible for any occasion. 

You can jump into the next costume with the Crazy Frog Orange Daily Contact Lenses. 


  • Covers the Iris and Pupil but designed for covering pupil only with color
  • Sold as pair
  • 55% of water
  • Lasts for 1 day
  • Fully visibility remains

10) Wolf Eye UV I-Glow Colored Contact Lenses

Glow in the dark-colored lenses are in trend these days which unleash the inner animal of yours and gives the skin-chilling appearance to your costume.

This lens comes in a feisty red shade which also features the UV reactive finish that glows brightly under UV light.

They also give you the lupine look under normal or natural lights but what’s amazing is the rich color pigments which even transform the dark brown eye color into something WOLFY! 

If you are thinking about compromising the comfort of style, don’t!

With Wolf Eye UV I-Glow Colored Contact Lenses are made of high-quality material that is soft to the eyes, the fluorescent colored contact lenses can be used for up to 12 months in which a person can use them on and off.

There are so many costumes you could use this lens with and these are endless! These lenses do not glow until you provide them UV reactive light. 


  • Cosmetic purpose only
  • Does not pair visibility
  • 38% of water
  • Lasts for 90 days when unboxed
  • Covered in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline
  • Made in the UK

Best Contact Lenses for Your Halloween Party

Ordering the specially designed colored contact lenses is only happening when you think Halloween is near.

This can ultimately enhance your costume and let you become the scariest character in the room. Colored contact lenses are non-prescription and special makeup lenses which the user wears just like ordinary contact lenses. [1]

By look, Halloween contact lenses have special patterns and colors inside the composition which perfectly suits your eye environment, plus the Sclera Contact Lenses are the essence of creepy contact lenses which imitates your costume right. 

1) Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses

Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses covers the part of the eye known as Sclera. It is different than the colored part which in most horror movies expands as the horror intensified, making you feel supernatural and frightening.

These effects are ultra-realistic but they are nothing compared to the only Sclera Halloween Contact Colored Lenses.

These horror contact lenses can be difficult to handle at times so its important to check out the guidelines and precautions list first. 

2) Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

There are different colors you can choose from the special makeup lenses. It’s not just about getting the colored Halloween contact lenses for costume only, some people use them for accentuating the natural eye color which is normal.

The Halloween contact lenses are the reason to provide finish to any Halloween costume. For example, the Shocking white contact lenses can complement the zombie costume and to portray the dead! 

Yellow Raven Eye Contact Lenses are another special makeup lenses that give you a gothic and witchy look. The Green Anaconda Contact Lenses displays the horrific serpent dwell inside of you!

Not every colored contact lenses are designed for a single costume but can be worn on other types of Halloween costume as well.

The UV Orange Contact Lenses can be noticed from across sides of the room while the White Demon Contact Lenses can bring one of the most unique looks. Whatever you have dressed as these best Halloween colored contact lenses make sure that you do! 

After working so hard on your Halloween party, you won’t be disappointed seeing these colored lenses bringing the real sense to your Halloween costume. 

3) Halloween Color Contacts Non-Prescription

Some styles of the colored contact lenses feature the block color like black, white and red.

These colored contact lenses do not change the color of your pupil but only change the iris color. For someone wanting to look like an alien invader or a vampire been locked in cages for centuries, these particular colored lenses can be paired with SFX makeup and impressive latex prosthetics. 

The popular style Halloween contact lenses are one thing but have you seen the eerie-looking unusual designs in colored contact lenses domain?

We are talking about the range of Werewolves lenses which can transform a person to beast animal. These lenses come in green and orange color which could easily mimic the effect of wolf eye looking at something furiously. 

4) About Werewolf Contact Lenses

Werewolf contact lenses are funny and dread idea to turn any party wilder! Some of the best werewolf contact lenses for sale are available on our list with a variety of different colors.

The most special types of colored lenses for a werewolf appearance are the dark orange and black designed which can turn anyone into Lucian “the Lycan” from the Underworld movie! 

For the creepy doll costume, sure you have perfectly cracked the skin makeup and when it comes to the last minute of adding colored lenses, you get the wrong one.

This is where pair of Halloween Contact Lenses cheap can intricate your costume design and let the spooky work of magic run on the innocent doll of yours. 

There are many types of Halloween Contact Lenses and we are giving the 10 best Halloween colored contact lenses which are on the list of most demanding colored contact lenses in 2021.

You can finally improve the costume of yours and remind everyone what it likes to have the best Halloween Costume. 

Where to Purchase the Best Halloween Colored Contact Lenses?

Where can I buy safe contact lenses for Halloween?

You can buy contact lenses online but when you are looking for Halloween colored contact lenses there are limited sources to get them from.

Using Walmart contact lenses would do no good since Walmart of Amazon does not sell the colored contact lenses.

Even if they do, we are not sure about the Halloween contact lenses to amazon quality or the Walgreen contact lenses importance.

Plus, both Walmart and Amazon colored lenses category have no varieties as we mentioned before. You won’t certainly find a wide range of colors from Halloween contact lenses amazon.

The best way to buy the best Halloween contact lenses, daily contact lenses, colored contact lenses, and cheap contact lenses, follow this link where you can find a plethora of colored contacts at such a good price that would cut the extra Halloween expense from your budget. 

Always remember, prescription colored contact lenses and non prescription colored contact lenses like the colored contact lenses for Halloween are the top lines of products for Halloween which many people do not know about.

So it’s better to visit the official site for the colored lens purchases. 

Halloween Contact Lenses Safety Information

Whether you are buying the prescription or Halloween contact lenses with no prescription, it is wise to see the Ophthalmologist first to get your eyes checked.

The eye check-up will decide if you need prescription Halloween contact lenses or the easy-going ones with no implications to the eye-sight.

In the test, the eye doctor usually performs professional fitting to check if these lenses are suitable for your eyes and endure good aftercare.

As responsible providers, we must ensure safety which is why we have plenty of information to help you safely use your lenses and properly care for them.

These days, the lens we use in our eyes are mostly reusable, this means after cleaning them right you could wear them again for an indefinite period.

Guarantee and Usage

Some colored contact lenses come with different period like 30 days, 90 days or even 1 year in which the lens can be reused plenty of times.

It is important to note that the duration begins at the time when you open the lens box and it should not be used more than the time written on the label.

Generally, most lenses to be used for 1 day only should be thrown in the dustbin after being used. For the long-timers, it is advised to soak them in the contact lens solution before using it. 

Some Halloween lenses are often called Prescription Halloween Contacts after wearing you can ditch the glasses and see the full transformations occurring.

The best supplier for the best Halloween colored contact lenses keeps the new stock and make sure every colored lens is sold. 


The most popular Halloween colored contact lenses are the one with Halloween Contacts Non Prescription tag on them. [2]

They are to add the gimmick and style to your regular or Halloween costume which in turn provides the usability of only a day. After this, these lenses are also to be thrown down. 

One of the best things about these contact lenses is the versatility they provide to the Halloween costume.

There are many SFX makeup and Coplay available and each of them lets you run your imaginations as wild as you can, colored contacts are the ones that provide the right type of finish to your gothic goals. 

Halloween is further inspired by the creatures we see in our movies, from the vampires of Transylvania to Pennywise the Clown, everything we desire to be is now available just one click away.

Lastly, you should always buy the best Halloween colored contact lenses from the official dealer whose patents are FDA approved and there are no obligations with their use.

You can wear these specially designed colored lenses special events, costume parties or just have fun creating your photoshoot or zombie movie. 

Final Verdict

Buy Contact Lenses Online USA is very much easy now. Gone are those days where you need to visit the physical cosmetic stores to find the best suit with your Halloween costume, you can find the perfect Halloween colored lenses which are just a few clicks away.

Our top 10 Halloween contact lenses we mentioned are checked by the FDA and that’s why they approved them in terms of safety. 

Finally, you can enjoy this Halloween turning yourself into someone or maybe SOMETHING if it requires!