Can Coronavirus Be Linked to Eyes or Wearing Contact Lenses?

How to protect the eyes during the COVID-19 pandemic?

This seems to be the most common question among individuals who either have an eye problem or wear glasses/ contact lenses.

Well, during the coronavirus pandemic, everything seems messed up, but a few days back, the Ophthalmology Academy (American Academy) have uploaded info on eye safety.

One of the most prominent suggestions was that people should opt for glasses who wear contact lenses.

Wearing Contact Lenses During COVID-19

Even if they are not making a permanent switch, they should do it on a temporary basis. Dr. Sonal Tuli shares that wearing glasses will force them not to touch the eyes again and again as people tend to touch eye area more when they are wearing contact lenses (often due to irritation).

However, some other researchers consider things another way around. Ocular Research & Education has released a report in which they have declared that wearing lenses is still safe.

In case you are sick, then wearing lenses is not a recommendation, but it does not make any difference either, and wearing glasses will provide an equal level of protection.

How to Prevent COVID-19 Spread?

The key point to note is before handling contact lenses or glasses, washing hands in a proper manner is a must.

When you are using lenses so dispose of them each night after use. Moreover, if you are using monthly or two-week lenses, then make it a habit of disinfecting them on a regular basis.

Furthermore, glasses have no exception to this rule. Thus, disinfecting glasses on a regular basis is a must too.


Both the parties are on the same page regarding not touching eyes with unwashed hands or not touching/rubbing face without reason.

Coronavirus Transmission & Eyes
  • The link of Coronavirus transmission and the eyes is not straight forward but complex. We are saying so because of a very minor % of Coronavirus patients (infected eyes in 9 of 1,099 patients).
  • The experts are still unsure if this virus can also transmit via the toughing surface of an object like a doorknob, table or counters, etc. The experts have mixed opinions about it.
  • Nevertheless, Wang (respiratory specialist) at Peking University assumes that he got the COVID-19 when he was treating patients in China (health clinics).

As per Wang Guangfa, he had an inflamed left eye that was followed with a fever and development of mucus in the nose and throat.

Later, Wang Guangfa had the new Coronavirus.

He thinks that the virus infected his left eye as he was not wearing any eye protection (according to sources-South China Morning Post).

A few scientists/researchers have agreed that such cases or claims (Wang like) have a possibility to occur.

New Coronavirus – Contagious or Not

Honestly speaking, nobody can give you a clear cut answer for it right now. The research and examination are still under the process, so we still need some time to declare things with 100% confidence.

Large public events/gatherings/movie releases/sports events have been either postponed or canceled till the pandemic takes a back seat.

Moreover, offices are switching to work from the home model (where possible), and school/education institute classes are switching to online classes model via services like Zoom or Skype, etc.

Wrap Up

Honestly, we have no such evidence that contact lenses have any direct connection with the transmission of Coronavirus.

However, practicing hygiene is a must.

  • Washing hands
  • Case/box cleaning for reusable contact lenses
  • Not wear lenses if you have flu/cold-like symptoms
  • No need to touch face or eye area

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